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Today is the five-year anniversary of our generation's version of Pearl Harbor.

The first thing that springs to mind is It's been five years? Yep. Seems like it happened much more recently, but it hasn't.

While in Inverness watching television, I noticed all the news channels are trying to keep their cool about it, but most of them are failing and promoting (yes, I said promoting) the bejeezus out of it. After all, it is a news story that can't really compare to anything else short of aliens landing and saying "What's up?"

Some believe 9/11 should be a holiday. I disagree, because that means that 12/7 (that's Pearl Harbor) and 11/22 would also have to be holidays - which they aren't.

Most people I know would completely forget about today if I didn't mention it here. I suppose it's something you don't necessarily think about all the time. This isn't to lessen the importance of the day whatsoever - but I think the USA as a whole is finally coming to terms with the fact that life must go on.

And to all you 9/11 conspiracy theory freaks out there - leave your opinions at bay. Just for today. Thanks.

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