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perfect weather season begins (almost)

The worst time to live in Florida is during the summer because it gets super-hot here. Granted, it never goes above 96° F, however it certainly feels hotter than 96.

The weather has started to dip down in temperature and it's more than welcome because it feels awesome outside now. The highs for the week won't exceed 86 and the lows won't go lower than 65.

It took me a while to wrap my head around the "10 degree rule" here in Tampa Bay.

The rule is simply this: For whatever temperature in Fahrenheit degrees is "just right" in a northern state, add 10 degrees and that's the comfort zone in Florida.

Example: A perfect New England day is between 72 and 75 degrees at the high. In Florida, it would be 82 to 85.

Today is going to have a high of 86 here in Tampa with a low of 65. That's awesome. Not perfect, but darn close.

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