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Playing clean guitar attracts girls

Everybody knows "that guy" (usually "that kid") that goes into the guitar store, picks up an expensive guitar he shouldn't even be touching and starts shredding like this, annoying the crap out of everyone:

If you do like the kid above does, you're a douche bag. Notice how everyone just walks by and doesn't even give the kid the time of day. That's because he's doing nothing but making annoying noise.

When I play guitars in a guitar store, I almost never turn on the distortion. Instead I just play clean and pluck around with country riffs and sometimes do chicken picking stuff.

Yesterday when I was playing in the Sam Ash, two things happened of note.

A store employee complimented my playing style without trying to sell me anything. When he's not trying to sell you anything, you know the compliment is genuine.

A lady came up and I thought she was interested in the guitar I was playing at the moment, so I turned to her and asked if she was interested in the guitar. She said, "I just want to see you play" with a big ol' smile on her face. So I did. Then she brought her friend over to watch too.

For those interested, I got the interest of the girl while playing the Jazzmaster, and the attention of the store employee when playing the Gretsch.

The Jazzmaster got more attention most likely because it's a swoopy, curvy shape, and it was a sunburst. The Gretsch, while seriously sexy, wasn't as sexy as the Jazzmaster because it was black. Were it the gold version, that would have been a different story. 🙂

When I play clean (as I usually do), girls watch me. If you ever wanted a reason why country and chicken picking is always better than metal, there you go. Girls pay attention to you.


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