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Rest for the soul

I've found out something I rather like. When I don't publicly write here about where I am, where I'm going, things about jobs, music or whatever - no one knows a damn thing. Some people think I'm really predictable. Not really. Not at all, actually. No, I'm not some kind of unpredictable loon, but it's kind of funny how some think (incorrectly) that I can be plotted so easily.

So anyway, here's the news.


I'm taking a break. Some who know me would say "Well, haven't you been taking a break since July?" Not really. I've actually been working my tail off trying to find work and start my life over. That in itself is a job all its own, albeit one that doesn't pay. After getting kicked around thru Maine and Indiana I'm just going to take it easy for a little while. I've been able to get my finances to the point where I can hold out for a little while longer and that's what I'm a-gonna do.

Second, music related. For new readers to this site, I've been playing guitar and keys for a long time, and I've been trying off and on to "go pro" with rock/metal music. I'm come to a realization. I don't like playing metal any longer. It's become stale and boring. This is not a decision I made overnight. I just find no joy in it any longer.

Fans of my rock/metal guitar work cringe at what I just said.

"DUDE! Don't DO that! I mean, you're like... a GOD on guitar."

(Many people have called me "god" on guitar. For real. No I'm not a god. Some think I am.)

Everyone else leaps for joy, because they didn't like it at all.

"We were all wondering when you'd stop playing that crap."

Crapola is officially over, not to worry.

The primary reason I'm not "into" metal any longer is because I don't ever listen to it. I haven't done so in... years? Not regularly anyway. A few years back there was some cool stuff on the radio and I used to know all the bands and artists. Then the music changed and I just stopped listening to it. If it comes on the radio I may give a listen to the newer stuff sometimes, but otherwise it's never in my car's CD player and I never listen to it on my computer, (this is where the realization came in) so I'm thinking...

Left side of brain: If I don't even listen to it, why do I play it?

Right side of brain: Good point. Try playing your other stuff like blues and synth stuff.

Left: Not a bad idea.

Right: You should listen to me more often.

Left: Not all the time, you also thought Indiana was a good idea.

Right: Let's not talk about that.

Left: Let's not.

Left and right side shake hands, well... you get the idea.

Third, about writing. I have had my finished treatment for my screenplay collecting dust on my USB stick and haven't touched it for some time. Why I don't know. Laziness probably. I'm writing yet another reminder to myself to finish the damn thing. Ugh.


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