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shorn melon

Recently I've been very annoyed with my hair. It was getting to the point where it was almost mandatory to wear a hat whenever I went out. No matter how much gel or spray I used, I always got the same result (that being a bushed-out mop.)

For the past week I've been debating whether to shave my head. It's not that I haven't had my head shaved before. It's that I've never done it myself. And as anyone knows, cutting one's own hair is scary and most people don't do it. That's why barbers and stylists have jobs. 🙂

Today I threw caution to the wind and did it. Right before I started I had a moment of doubt, however I thought to myself Once I make the first cut there's no going back, and went ahead with it.

The result? It doesn't look bad. I am fortunately blessed with a proper looking head.

How do I feel? Liberated.

I saved 16 bucks by cutting my hair myself.

And my hats fit a lot better. (heh)

I don't plan on keeping the way of the shorn melon, however it's a distinct possibility that I may wear my hair crew-cut style from now on once it grows out a bit. Wearing a shorter 'do is far better suited for Florida heat.

. . .

One more thing:

I suggest to any man that you shave your head at least once in your life. At first you will be shocked by having a bald melon, but the next day you're going to realize that when you don't have to comb your hair (as you have none) and don't need any shampoo/conditioner, it's awesome. If you like it you can keep on doing it. If you don't, the hair will grow back.


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