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smoking report

This is an update on my totally (and truly) free method of how to quit smoking without going insane. I do follow it myself.

I am happy to report that I am making progress. I have effectively cut about 7 cigarettes a day (that's almost 2½ packs in the course of a seven-day week.)

I modified my method slightly. The only change I made was instead of making a mark in a memo pad each time I lit up I opted to write a number and the time instead. For example, if I was about to light up my 5th cigarette of the day at 11am, I would write "5. 11:00a" in my pad. Very simple. By doing this I reminded myself even more how much I smoke. And if I wanted another cigarette after that but the clock said 11:15am, I'd look at the pad and say "Nope. Too soon." This really does work.

Pop has also been following this method and is sticking to it. Yes, the same man who wouldn't be caught anywhere without a smoke.  He finds it to be an interesting challenge because this method involves statistical data (in a basic sense.) And who knows, maybe it'll work for him. I know it's working for me.

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