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sometimes the best deal is still just . . blah

I've refinanced my auto loan once already and since then I've put enough of a dent in it to entertain the idea of re-fi'ing again.

I decided to let my local bank have a go at getting me a better loan rate (for lower monthly payments). First I headed over to Kinko's and printed out what I currently owe on my loan along with all the details like the rate, terms, etc. I figured this would make it easier for the bank to figure out something for me.

This is what happened at the bank:

A bank employee looked at my current loan rate and less than 5 seconds later said "There's no way we can match this" followed by "I'm just being honest with you".

I did appreciate that. She did say it nicely.

She also called up another office to make sure there wasn't anything she missed. Nope, she didn't. My rate is currently the best one out there.

It's not that I can't afford my truck payment - I just wanted to see if I could shave off 10 to 20 bucks a month from the monthly bill I send out. But no luck there.

At least I get an A for effort. 😀

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