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Stuff arrives from Dell... and a present?

Remember when I ordered an AC adapter and a stick of RAM from Dell? Well, here's what has happened thus far.

Yesterday: AC power adapter arrives. Works fine. No complaints.

Today: A second AC power adapter arrives. Hm.. I didn't order two adapters. Is this a gift?

But, no RAM yet. I checked my order numbers. The order for the RAM is "shipped" and the estimated arrival date is tomorrow. I will wait until tomorrow. If the RAM arrives, cool, because then I got all the stuff I ordered with a freebie $26 AC adapter which I will ship to my sister for her Inspiron 6000. However, knowing the track record I've had with Dell and shipments so far, here's what I expect will happen:

The RAM will not arrive. I will have to call Dell and cuss them out for sending the wrong part. After that, I will probably have to make several more phone calls to Dell to ask "where's my RAM" and it will take over a week to get here. Either way I will get it sooner or later.

Hopefully none of that will happen. I hope I just get my RAM. It cost me almost 100 bucks.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: For that keyboard I ordered under warranty replacement, Dell tried to CHARGE ME FOR IT. 16 bucks. I sent them a little note about that, here was their response:

Thank you for choosing Dell Online Customer Care.

I understand your concern regarding invoice for the replacement

Please be assured that you have not been charged for this replacement
done. It is always requested to send back the defective item back to
Dell in order to close the open exchange process.

I apologize for the confusion caused by the invoice. Our system
automatically sends out an invoice as a reminder to return the defective item you received from us.

I have submitted a request to the concerned department to close the open exchange and would be done within 3-5 business days. Once closed, our system will stop sending out invoices to you. Please disregard this invoice. No balance is due.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you. I hope to have
addressed all your concerns to your satisfaction. Your case number for this interaction is 095327263. Please keep this number for your records. It will help us keep track of this issue so we can better assist you.

If you have any further questions or concerns please visit us at:

Thank you for contacting Dell Online Customer Care.


REP ID 71173
9:30 PM hours to 07:30 Am hours CST Tuesday - Sunday
Dell Online Customer Care

I checked my "order history" for my Dell account today. THE CHARGE IS STILL THERE. Furthermore, when I originally called in the warranty replacement, I specifically asked if I had to send back the defective part (the old keyboard), they responded with NO - I don't have to.

This is all getting very, very annoying.

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