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Sunday, boring Sunday

Can you spot the U2 reference in the title of this post?

Dumb product of the moment
Reversible "Talk" skin for iPod shuffle. Why dumb? Would you want to walk around with a hotel-like sign on your music player? Why don't we wear bells around our neck just like cows do while we're at it?

Henry P'u Yi would not be pleased
Chinese solider is fined for stealing at Disneyland.

California smells better already
It's official: You can't take a wizz in public in California. Does this mean that previously you could? Damn, I missed the wagon on that one.

Damn mooses...
A moose hitches a ride (unintentionally) on Route 12 in Massachusetts. Why does this story matter to me? Because I know Route 12 and I've been through Leominster (pronounced "lemm-inn-stir") several times.

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