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switching shoes

bits instead of bites

Earlier today I was in Inverness visiting Pop. He is doing well, just in case anyone is wondering. I visited a Pet Smart store in Ocala in search of the elusive Betta Bites fish food pellets. Before I left for Ocala, I called the Pet Smart there to ask if they had it. They said yes - but when I got there it wasn't the right kind. They had flakes, not pellets.


So I bought this alternative food called Betta Bits, which is a pellet-style betta fish food. Hopefully Bob will like them. If not, I wasted three bucks. Again.

Note: I notice that betta fish prefer pellets over flakes. They seem to really take to it much better. Betta Bites pellets, above all other betta food, is the best. No question.

fourteen points

I was about 700 miles overdue for an oil change, so I did that today in Inverness. This time I went whole hog, got the fourteen-point thing (includes new air filter, interior vacuuming, and a whole host of other fluid checks/refills), plus a tire rotation. Pop paid for it. That is my birthday present this year. And this is O.K. because I really needed to get it done.

ho! ha ha! guard! turn! parry! dodge! spin! ha! thrust!

If that lil' title above sounds familiar to you - it should. But I digress.

I usually listen to 105.1 FM on my way back from Inverness to Tampa. It is a long drive, after all. I left at a little after 3pm and knew I would most likely get into Tampa just before the town crumbled unto itself from..


(insert dramatic music here.. bah-bum bum bummmmm!!!)


The first traffic report I heard on the radio was like this:

I-275 a little bit screwed up. I-4 somewhat screwed up. Accident on Dale Mabry highway causing a general ruckus. BACK TO THE MUSIC..

A little while later..

I-275 generally screwed up. I-4 starting to get really screwed up. That accident on Dale Mabry? It's now causing a state of panic. BACK TO THE MUSIC..

And finally..

I-275 is in flames. I-4 has been destroyed. The accident on Dale Mabry was due to space aliens who are beaming up the women and turning them into sex slaves - causing a backup in traffic. Men were reported to be ticked off until the aliens said they would return the women later on this evening. OKAY, BACK TO THE MUSIC...

I was fortunately able to just get by all this before I got caught in the parking lot which is I-275 at the moment I write this.

But it would have been cool to see the space aliens.

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