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Tampa, I love ya!

Title of this entry from this movie where Harris K. Telemacher says "L.A. I love ya!", except I'm in Tampa... so fill in the blanks there. 🙂 (That movie is a must-see by the way.)

Yours truly now has new employment doing what I think is one of the coolest jobs on the planet: Computer recycler (more or less). Actually my technical job description is "laptop techician", but computer recycler is more befitting.

I interviewed today.

I start tomorrow.

For those in the IT world (that's "Information Technologies" for you non-computer people types), this is easily, as I said, one of the coolest jobs on the planet. I get to work in a open-air warehouse in sunny Florida wearing jeans and a t-shirt ripping apart and putting together computers of all makes, models and sizes - all day long. I do not have to deal with the customer directly whatsoever. It's a computer hardware guy's dream come true.

It gets even better - the job is less than eight miles from my apartment.

I am a very, very lucky man and I hope this job lasts a long, long time.

I'm a very happy guy right now. 😀

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