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Two-finger two-step

My sister, who is currently in another country while she goes to school, finally got on Yahoo Messenger. My pop is on it also. This took them both about.. oh I dunno.. five years(?!?!?!!!) to get on this. Lord knows I tried to get them on it sooner. Anyway..

I warned my sis that pop is a really slow typer. He does the two-finger two-step thing.

Here's a typical example of my pop tying:





"Oops, wrong key."

Plick.. plick.. pluck.. (backspacing over the mistake because he does not look at the screen while he types)





You get the idea.

I love my pop.. but he's a re-e-e-e-eally slow typer. (grin) This is not to indicate that my pop overall is "slow". If you spoke to him he's actually quite the fountain of knowledge and extremely smart. The typing is the only thing that's on the slow side.

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