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victim of dream girl blackjack?

Okay, first I'll say this may not be for real - but I'm pretty sure it was.

This "girl" chatted me on ICQ (as in she chatted me first) and said she was 18, hot, had big boobs, blah blah blah.. she chatted on and on with me about stuff.

The more she chatted the more she "dropped" things in my direction, i.e. sexual stuff.

I'm thinkin'...

Oh my God.. this has gotta be some idiot playing Dream Girl Blackjack with me.

So I went along with it but every time "she" went for sex-chat stuff, I'd just divert it or give a completely non-sexual response.

Frickin' HILARIOUS stuff.

I guarantee every time I did it, the "girl" on the other end said "ARGH! This guy won't give in!"

And seriously, "she" laid down some serious "cards". I wouldn't budge. Bwahahahaha..

The only problem was I didn't save the chat. ARHGHGHGHH.. I wish I did. It was CLASSIC bait stuff. Classic, I say.

And how I do I know it was DGB?

For 2 reasons:

  1. Only Russians and Chinese use ICQ.
  2. Hot girls from California DO NOT.

Funny, funny stuff.

I'm hoping "she" chats me again soon. Next time 'round I have the save-chat enabled and am ready for it. Ha!

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