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video card b.s.

Last week a burning smell starting coming from my PC, and it was the video card. The fan on it stopping working. And of course, those fans cannot be replaced.

I bought another card from CompUSA. A BFG nVidia card which was a GeForce 210. Turns out the 210 has flickering problems if you run multiple monitors - which I do.

Bought another BFG nVidia card from NewEgg. This time I wised up and purchased an 8400 GS. Works perfectly. And, thank God, it doesn't have a fan on it. Only a heat sink - and that's fine.

Brought back the friggin' flickertastic card to CompUSA, got my money back, went back home.

Building PCs is not fun anymore. It's annoying, because crap like this never breaks on a Dell.

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