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when the maintenance guy gives kudos, you're doing a good job

Two things needed to be fixed in my apartment, my living room blinds (part of the string mechanism that lowers/raises them broke) and the toilet (it was flushing but not correctly). Yesterday the maintenance guy stopped by and did the work.

While the guy was doing the work, we struck up a conversation about other apartment units and how some people don't take care of their places. He noted my place was basically almost demo unit clean. That's a huge compliment and I was glad to hear it.

Small note on demo units to non-renters out there: A standard thing many apartment complexes do is reserve one unit for demo purposes, meaning they never rent it out. The unit is kept spotless and unrented on purpose so they have a 'perfect unit' to display to potential renters. This is why standard advice when renting is always "Look at the unit you will specifically be living in before renting it", because the demo almost never looks like the real thing. The fact my place looks as close as it does to a demo unit means yes, it's just about as tidy as tidy can get - and that's cool.

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