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Yesterday I received my Nintendo Wii that came bundled with Wii Sports. The Wii Fit with the Balance Board is on backorder and I'll be receiving that next week.

I played it for several hours, particularly Wii Tennis. When my right arm got numb, I switched to the left. That went numb after a while, then I stopped (I know when to quit). The feeling is starting to come back in both my arms now slowly but surely.

Wii has already taught me that I am seriously out of shape. I know that after I sleep and wake up that my whole upper body will be very sore. But it's worth it because I know I'm working those muscles and getting them back to the way they used to be. This is why I bought the system to begin with. I wanted something fun that got me active and moving around. Wii definitely does that. It's great.

The Wii System by today's standards is old, but I am blown away by it's futuristic feel throughout. Kids today have absolutely no idea that yes, Wii is the future that my generation saw in movies and television years ago - and it's here right now.

One of the first things I noticed was the music. Several of the tracks sound like they're straight out of Bladerunner, particularly the "Globe" music on the weather channel. You feel like you're Decker in his apartment when you hear the track. Other areas have the same future-feel to it with the music.

The gameplay took getting used to because it's so physical, but I got the hang of it. My seriously numb arms proves that I got a good workout. After I play this for a few weeks I know I'll see some good results.

I truly like the way the Wii is designed inside and out. I get totally immersed in the environment. As a guy who's 34 years old and so disenchanted with video games these days, Wii seriously kicks ass. It just wouldn't have been the same were it an Xbox or PlayStation. I can't see putting my cash towards something where I sit in a chair, stare at a television screen and mash buttons on a controller. That's just no fun for me anymore and hasn't been for a very long time.

It should be no wonder why the Wii sells so well. This is the system that brought back a family-friendly gaming console. The others all concentrate on hardcore gaming. Screw all that. I want to use a system that burns calories and not my brain, and Wii fits the bill perfectly in that respect.

I'm really impressed with Wii so far and it will be even cooler when I get the Fit system.

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