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writing of the frivol nature

Random bits:


As of late the most popular page on this web site has been the middle finger cursor. There's at least four or five search engine results for it a day if not more (and I'm too lazy to go count them). I'm quite certain the MySpace people get all sorts of disgruntled when they find out they can't hotlink to it via CSS, which happens more often than you'd think. Sucks to be them I suppose.


I have "driver's tan". My left arm has more color than my right, sorta/kinda. Well, I notice it.


A reminder that I'm 31: At work today, I was making a joke to a co-worker (who happens to be 21) in an English accent and said something to the effect of "John and Paul go to Ft. Lauderdale". Later on I asked him "Do you have any idea who John and Paul are?" and he said "No." Maybe I should have said "John and Ringo", but I still don't think he would have known who those people are.


Tip to anyone thinking about moving to Florida from New England: Car insurance here is HIGH - and I have a near-spotless driving record.


I'm entertaining the idea of changing my site's look again. Probably will. (grin)

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