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alesis fusion powerstart guide - available NOW

The book is done and ready to ship.

Hit this link and buy 50 copies. 🙂

The book includes but certainly is not limited to:

DETAILED Hollow Sun Freepack sound installation tutorial

DETAILED Fusion Converter tutorial, taking the mystery out of using that application.

Lots of other DETAILED stuff! Such as..

- Using the sequencer the easy way
- Importing with effects
- Creating songs
- Creating songs with synth and arp's
- Creating songs with synth + audio
- Getting the most out of the multitrack recorder
- Copying/Pasting in easy-to-understand format
- REMOVING samples

..and tons more.

84 FREAKIN' PAGES. LOTS of pictures. JAM-PACKED with lots of useful info.

Did I say buy 50 copies? I meant 100. Go buy a book. Now. 🙂

(And by the way, the book is available as BOTH a printed book and as a download. Cool, eh?)

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