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facebook fan page, day 75

On Dec 24, 2010 I opened up my fan page on Facebook. Since then I've acquired almost 270 fans, which in the course of 2.5 months is pretty good.

The communications I receive there have been all positive, and that is a complete 180 from the feedback I received on YouTube.

I've said before that YouTube has the worst community on the internet, and my opinion on that hasn't changed. I still have all comments and voting off on my music videos there and it's going to stay that way because FB fan page interaction is 100% better in every way.

YouTube community feedback can be described in one word: Garbage. And you would not believe the amount of garbage I received in my inbox on a daily basis when I had comments enabled on YouTube.

Facebook community feedback on the other hand has been great. This is due to three reasons. First, the bulk of users use their real name. Second, Facebookers genuinely value their accounts - meaning it's in their best interest not to act like morons else they'll lose their account. Third, there is no way to 'downvote'/dislike anything on the system. All of this is good stuff.

The best part however is that community truly means community on FB. The system is designed in such a way where meaningful communication and sharing of things like photos, links and so on actually matter. YouTube never had that and most likely never will.

Are my days on YouTube numbered? I plan them to be. Right now I have 1,015 subscribers on my YouTube channel. If (or should I say when?) my FB fan page fans surpasses the number of subs I have on YouTube, I won't post videos there anymore; I'll create a 'farewell'-ish video and inform the masses that if they want to see my new content, go to the FB fan page. Heck, I might even kick start this by purposely only posting teaser vids on YouTube that point to the full vids on FB to ramp up the fan count.

When the time comes that I can dump YouTube, I'll be a very happy man.

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