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Guitar Vader

I discovered Guitar Vader on back when that site used to host anything and everything (but unfortunately that site completely sucks now). Being that I'm a guy who'll listen to anything that I think has a cool groove to it - I gave GV a listen. Cool stuff.

I like eclectic Japanese bands, admittedly. They have a flavor that only a few of us in the 'States will ever truly understand. Guitar Vader for some reason has that certain something which is just all catchy as hell. It's catchy for the same reason Gorillaz was catchy for those who remember them.

GV also sings most of their songs in Japanese - and there is something very cool about listening to music in another langauge you don't even know. I won't bother trying to explain it. Either you get it or you don't.

So, check out Guitar Vader when you get a chance. Who knows, you may dig it.

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