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it's official

Note: Pixelation is done on purpose.

Welp, it's official, I now have true-blue Florida license tags. Actually, it's tag. They don't give you two plates in this state.

This is the fifth license plate I've had since I started driving when I was sixteen. The first four were Connecticut plates.

To anyone who would ask "Why so many plates?", the answer is that:

a) Connecticut assigns different tags depending on what kind of vehicle it is. Regular passenger cars (like the '00 Alero and '86 Camaro I had) will receive regular plates. SUV's and trucks receive what's called a "Combination" plate.

b) I was a two-vehicle owner for several years, and with the exception of just a few months, I always owned one car and one truck.

Florida to the best of my knowledge assigns passenger vehicles all with the same plate. Tow vehicles and those with GVWR of over 10,000 lbs. get different ones.. I think. I dunno.

The only option I had was whether to have a tag that said "Hillsborough" or one that said "Sunshine State". I opted for the Sunshine State tagline because I think the Hillsborough one looks stupid. I have nothing against Hillsborough County, but I think the tag with that tagline on it looks stupid.

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