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Jedi Knight (Dark Forces II) Gameplay

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II was a video game released in 1997.

Although I'm not certain about this, I think I was the first on YouTube to post video gameplay on this particular game. Maybe.

This is one of those games that scores as an "Okay, but not spectacular". TIE Fighter was spectacular, but this one not so much.

Where it shines is in the fact that:

  1. It has actual Star Wars recorded theatrical music in some parts.
  2. You can use a lightsaber later on in the game. It's cheesy but it's there.
  3. You truly do get a feel of a big universe when playing.
  4. The textures are well done.

Where it sucks is:

  1. There are many points in the game, as shown above, where there is no sound other than gameplay. This gets boring after a while.
  2. It's too easy to get lost on the larger maps.
  3. The secret areas, while fun to find, don't really give you much. Maybe you'll get full heath or a bacta tank but not much else.
  4. Very repetitive.

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