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my thoughts on black friday

For those that don't know what Black Friday is, it's the biggest shopping day of the year in America. It is always the day after Thanksgiving, which is always the fourth Thursday of November, meaning Black Friday is always the fourth Friday of November.

The term Black Friday is in reference to how stores get mobbed with people and traffic gets all backed up surrounding those stores, pretty much inconveniencing everyone. The origination of the term is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA from bus drivers and police expressing disdain for that particular day.

If I remember correctly, I think I made the stupid mistake of shopping on Black Friday once and only once. It was back when I lived in New England, it was at a mall, and it was pure hell. It was hell getting in the mall, hell finding parking, hell walking around and hell getting out. I never did it again after that.

Internet retailers also get in on the action with Black Friday. Amazon does it, as does eBay.

Can you truly get a good deal on Black Friday?

Only if you shop online.

Brick-and-mortar retail (a reference to physical storefronts) is not what it used to be, and hasn't been for a while now. And the entire reason for that is because internet changed the retail game.

Let's say you want to buy something. We'll call it Thing. Thing is normally priced high, but on Black Friday, Thing is on sale, and the only way to get Thing is to actually get in the car, drive to the store and buy it...

...but that's how it used to be.

Today, you do not have to drive to the store to get Thing. Instead, you just go on the internet and get it. And even if Thing is priced slightly higher than you would find it in a physical store, you will buy Thing from the internet anyway just because it's more convenient.

At one point, brick-and-mortar stores tried like crazy to work exclusive retail arrangements where the physical store is the only place to get Thing. But that was found to hurt rather than help sales, so eventually the retailers caved and dropped the exclusivity crapola (for the most part.)

Is Black Friday a celebration of consumerism?

Yes. It is a day that encourages you to do one thing and one thing only. Buy. And keep buying. Buy, buy, buy. If you run out of money, break out a credit card and keep buying. That is what Black Friday is all about.

I'm surprised it's not considered a national holiday.

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