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piano power

I just released a small three-song ditty, Piano Power! It's on the music page. It's the same as the last release, as in free for download.

My goal was to get four songs or possibly five. I got three. Good enough, I said to myself. 🙂

The three tracks for this release were completed without any sequencing whatsoever. Nothing is quantized (i.e. use a computer to make out-of-time things go in-time). There are a few mistakes here and there but it was fun doing it.

I have never released anything that was strictly single-instrument based - so this is new for me. Everything you hear was done by my two hands without any programming, sequencing, speeding up, slowing down or otherwise.

I may do another one of these in the future. It was nice not to have to sequence stuff for a change. 🙂

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