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selling my other GPSes, want one?

I finally gave in and bought a Garmin nüvi 255W. It's on order and will be here by the end of next week.

This will be Garmin GPS #5 that I will have in my possession. In other words, I have too many of the frickin' things, so I'm selling off 3 of them. (The only one I'm not is the i3 I have which serves as a backup and has a busted USB port, so nobody would want that one anyway.)

These are the three I'm selling. If you're interested in any of them, EMAIL ME and make an offer.

Garmin Rino 130
Want it? Email and make an offer.

This one is in mint shape. Used it for geocaching purposes. Has NOAA weather radio, runs for 14 hours on 3 AA batteries, has two-way radio. One of the better trail-based GPS units that Garmin makes. And yes the display has a backlight that can be turned on/off for night use. Waterproof. No box or manuals. Complete details on this unit here. The manual for it is here (PDF).

Garmin nüvi 205
Want it? Email and make an offer.

Also in mint shape. I've got the box, manuals and everything for this one. Has 2009 maps. I won't be needing this after I get the nüvi 255W. Everything about the 205 can be read up on here.

Garmin StreetPilot c580
Want it? Email and make an offer.

This is slightly older than the nüvi 205 but has all the toys. MSN Direct optional subscription for gas/movie times/fuel prices/traffic, Bluetooth for pairing with a cell phone (which I used and worked quite well), text-to-speech, dual speakers, 1/8th-inch speaker out to AUX port on your car, 1/8th-inch microphone in in case you don't want to use the built-in mic, US and Canada maps, the works. No box or manuals but in really good shape. Details on the unit here. Manual for it here (PDF). Has 2008 maps and can be upgraded. Also has soft shell case.

If you're interested in any of these, email me.

My stupid bundle offer

I'm willing to part with ALL THREE for $250. Why is this stupid? Because I lose cash by doing it. But I've gotta get rid of these things.

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