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superman stuph

At work today one of the people I work with was going on about how he wants to go see Superman Returns. This movie is getting a ton of hype. Will I see it? Probably not. The only good movie I've ever seen translated from a comic that was worth watching was Spawn. That movie kicked ass in all the right places. Great timing, awesome graphics, an awesome hero and plenty of great comedy to go along with it. I saw that in the theater three times.

So I watched the online trailers at the web site. I was not impressed - save for one character: Lex Luthor. The only reason Lex is cool is because it's being played by Kevin Spacey. I've got to say.. they couldn't have picked a better bad guy. Kevin is just a phenomenal actor. He's the only reason I would go to see SR. The way he plays his character (for whatever it is at the time) always impresses me to no end.

So anyway... unless someone begs me to go along with them to see this flick I'll pick it up when it comes out on DVD. Maybe. I stopped falling for movie hype many years ago. (grin)

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