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The mall

Today is a holiday so I figured I would beat the traffic and head to the mall to pick up a few items before the place was clogged with people.

The place was damn near dead - just the way I like it. I got a really awesome parking spot, nobody got in my way and clerks are way more friendly when they're not under pressure. Did I mention there were no lines anywhere? It was great.

I picked up a few things. A 'Sox cap, a cool notebook that shows a huge "Parental Advisory - Explicit Content" on it which I thought was different so I got that, and an Aries keychain. A -cool- one. I'll have to throw up a photo of it later. I also picked up a few other odds and ends.

Things in the mall you'll see that never change:

Teenager walking with Mom trying to look cool walking ten feet away from her so he gives off the appearance of being alone - but everyone knows he isn't.

Old people. For some reason old people love the mall. No idea why.

Teen girls walking in pairs, giggling all over the place. Giggle here, giggle there, Oh my God did you hear what Josh said yesterday... giggle giggle giggle.

Mother walking baby with annoying seven-year-old daughter tagging along who is extremely annoyed to be there and always saying something to the degree of "But, mmmmaaAAAAAAHHHHHaaammmm!! Whywoo? AWWWWWWW!!!" (stamps feet) Little girls are ruthless. Satan trains them early to annoy mothers everywhere.

Video game store geeks (the employees) going back and forth about the latest tournament for whatever game they're talking about. (Small side note: Guys who work in video game stores are probably some of the smartest people you'll ever talk to.)

Some middle-aged guy in the lawn department with a wrecked flanal shirt, a John Deere or "Git'r'Done" hat, wrecked jeans and a face not shaven for at least a week staring at the shiny new lawnmowers and dreaming.

A pagoda of some kind in the middle of the mall that no one shops at. Teen girl is manning the pagoda, sitting on a stool and reading a book. She's always reading a book.


Spencer's gift shop still kicks ass.

Why is it that that Hot Topic turned into a doom pit? It should be called The place of overpriced trendy crappy clothes for pasty white goth people. I didn't go in there. The entrance was too scary. Seriously, it looked like a doom pit.


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