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Some random things:

The FishCam has been working very well. I would have expected the connection to drop intermittently (after all I am using a freeware cam app,) but it hasn't. The cam keeps snapping shots, the fish keeps swimming.

I've found that my i3 is much easier to read at night compared to daytime. The night mode color scheme is also very cool. I have the i3 set to automatically change from day mode to night mode at sunset. However, even with the easier read, I seriously doubt this will increase my night driving because I don't like driving at night to begin with (blue eyes = greater light sensitivity = headlights from other cars look like oncoming beacons of doom).

The silver coating on my Dell Inspiron 6000 is wearing out on the left side under the keyboard and somewhat on the right side now as well - the places where my wrists rest. I looked to see if Dell offered anything that would cover those areas, but all they offer are cheesy snap-on kits for the back of the LCD only. I will probably have to invest in a sticker or two.

Actually, fuggit... I'm going to go out to Wal-Mart and buy some right now. Hopefully they'll have something cool. So much for not driving at night. 😉

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