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video game cover songs are lame

If there's one thing guitar players do a lot of on the internet (YouTube in particular), it's cover songs of video games. There are literally thousands of videos of this. Possibly tens of thousands.

At this point I have literally heard every single type of Super Mario Bros. guitar cover there is. On electric guitar... acoustic guitar... heck, even bass guitar. Super Mario Bros. has been covered on pretty much every stringed instrument you can think of.

But wait, it doesn't stop at Super Mario Bros. There have been dudes that have covered songs from Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, and other classic Nintendo Entertainment System titles. Then there's the guys who cover Final Fantasy game songs, and well, you get the idea. There are tons and tons of guitar covers for video game songs out there.

And it needs to stop.

The above Metroid cover song of "Brinstar"? Yeah, it's awesome and very well done. But it was recorded in 2003. Yes, almost TEN YEARS AGO. Everyone was doing the video game cover song thing a really long time ago, and at this point it's gotten really, REALLY old.

Things you need to know if doing video game cover songs on guitar

It is unlikely you will ever make any money from it

Nobody has ever made a good living from selling covers of video game music. You may get a few bucks from selling songs like that, but not many.

It's pretty much guaranteed someone has covered the video game song before you, and done it much better

Back when the "Brinstar" example above was made in 2003, nothing else like it existed on the internet, so yeah, it got well-known really fast. But if you were to try the same thing today, nobody would notice you because so many other players have done it already.

A lot of effort goes into covering one of these songs for literally no reward

It's not easy covering a game song, and even after you're all finished with it, it won't get you a lot of YouTube subs or Facebook fans. And as said above you won't make any money with it, so... there's really no point in doing it at all.

I mean, sure, if you want to go ahead and cover a game song, go right ahead. Just don't expect any outpouring of fans or cash to be made from it, because it's simply not going to happen.

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